What Are The Most Profitable Table Tennis Wagers?

Table Tennis is a big hit with gamblers thanks to the variety and depth of the gambling markets. However, many wagers offered by sportsbooks are a quick way to lose cash. If you want to start winning your gambles then check out the following wager types!
Further, in the article, we look at all the table tennis gambling markets available to the gamer. Accordingly, you can choose one of them based on what is your strong suit.

What Is A Match Winner?

This is the popular form of table tennis gambling and involves you predicting which team or an athlete will win. The sportsbook will give you odds based on how likely an athlete or team is to win Typically odds range from 1.3 to 5.

How Do Total Games: Over/Under Work?

With this gamble, the bookmaker will try to guess how many games will occur in the whole tournament. Your job is then to decide if you think the total game will be over or under the sportsbooks’ predictions. Sportsbooks often set incorrect total lines so you can attain a high win percentage by studying the results of previous events and tournaments.

Are Total Points: Over/Under Worth It?

A total points wager works just like a total games wager except instead of trying to predict the number of matches you only care about the score. If you analyze past events played you can accurately predict the number of the score in a contest and outsmart the sportsbooks!

What Is A Handicap Wager?

To make a table tennis event an even contest bookmakers will place a handicap on the favorite. For example, if there is a 1.5 handicap and you gamble on the favorite they have to win by 2 games or more. We recommend you gamble on strong favorites as this is a great way to boost your payout. The standard coefficient in this niche is 1.5.

How Do Points Handicap Bets Work?

Just like with a handicap wager with this bet a sportsbook places an imaginary handicap on the favored sportsman and turns the event into an even money contest. With this wager even if the underdog loses if they score enough points to cover the handicap you still win!
For example player A has a handicap of -12 points and he manages to win the game by 11 points your bet would lose. However, if Player A wins by 13 points or more your bet would win. You can unlock amazing value in these markets and we recommend you find very strong favorites who always emerge victorious by large margins.

What Is Game Wagering?

With a game bet you aren’t worried about the final match result but try to predict who will win each contest. In table tennis players compete for over 5 games and to win a match a player must reach 11 points. If you are looking for a fast bet or you know the tendencies of certain players to start strong or fade late this is a great bet. We like to bet on hometown athletes to emerge victorious in the first game as usual, the impact of the crowd can boost their performance!

How Do Double Result Wagers Work?

If you are looking for ways to increase your payouts then try a double result wager. With this gamble, you have to predict the winner of the first match and the winner of the ultimate match. This bet offers much higher odds than a standard match winner gamble.

What Are You Waiting For?

When gambling on table tennis you have so much choice. Pick one of the wagers described above and try them out on the next match!

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What Are The Best Strategies To Earn Money Gambling On Table Tennis?

Do you dream of watching sports for a living or quitting your day job and placing wagers while on the beach? Well if you become a professional gambler you could turn your dreams into reality. To help you get started we are going to share 3 lucrative strategies that you must use today!

Try Arbitrage Gambling

Did you know there is a way to bet on table tennis and ensure a win! With arbitrage, you can enjoy different odds set by sportsbooks and place money on both players so irrespective of the result you win. For example: Sichuan is playing against Bazhou in the Chinese Super League and one bookmaker thinks it is an even contest so they are giving 1.8 odds for both players. While another site has Sichuan as the favorite and they are paying 1.8 while Bazhou is the underdog and paying 2.35. To get the perks of this situation, you should bet on Bazhou at 2.35 on one bookmaker and Sichuan at 1.8 on the other site. If you bet $113 on Bazhou and $86.75 on Sichuan you guarantee yourself a profit of $3.86.
While this may seem like a small amount if you use stakes in the thousands and are making multiple arbitrage bets a day you could quickly earn 5 and 6 figures! The trick to arbitrage gambling is always looking out for deals and using software to help you identify differing odds.

Try Value Gambling

Value betting is all about analyzing a match and identifying when the sportsbook gets the odds wrong. As table tennis is a niche sport where there is a lack of statistics and professional handicappers, betting sites often set inaccurate odds. The secret to finding value bets is to become an expert on certain leagues and players. You need to know the league better than the specialized sites and analyze statistics more effectively than the odd settors.

Stick To Certain Wagers!

Not all table tennis markets are made equal and if you make the wrong types of strategies you will have no luck winning. The top gamblers stick to match winners, handicaps and total points. You also need to be careful about betting too much on small leagues. If you use large exotic predictions on small leagues you will quickly have your account limited and may even be banned.

What Is A Match Winner Wager?

With a match winner strategy, all you need to do is pick a particular player to win the contest. This style is offered on every table tennis league and it is very easy to find value wagers as bookmakers struggle to set accurate odds on a niche sport like table tennis. Match winner gambles are also great because they have a high max stake so you could win big!

Why Are Total Games So Profitable?

With a total games wager the betting site will set the line of the number of games they think will occur and you can bet the over or under. This strategy can be very profitable as you can use past results to reliably predict the number of games and quickly identify if the odds are wrong.

Are Handicaps A Smart Play?

Many professional gamblers prefer to make handicap wagers. The handicap markets are a great way to increase your payout by placing cash on favorites. Before you place your money, remember to analyze how many points a favored player typically wins matches by.

Try Out Our Strategies

Now you know how to make profitable wagers, it is time to try your luck. Simply pick one of our strategies and gamble on the next match!

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