Beginner’s Guide To Gambling On Table Tennis

Betting on table tennis has exploded in popularity with billions of dollars from around the world being wagered on this slightly obscure sport. If you want to get in on this crazy action then check out our guide where we share our insider tips to help you start winning your wagers!

How To Pick A Table Tennis Sportsbook?

Before you can become a top table tennis gambler and win millions you need to find a wagering platform that will safeguard your cash, provide an amazing user experience, and accept your table tennis wagers. To find the best sportsbooks lookout for these factors:
Licensed – You should only sign up, deposit, and bet with sportsbooks that are fully licensed by well-respected gaming authorities. Licensed sites must follow strict regulations relating to paying bets, safeguarding funds, and protecting players’ details. Before you sign up at a sportsbook, always double-check that they are licensed!
Gambling markets – If you want to gamble on this niche, then you better make sure that the service has extensive options. Before you create an account, look at the number of leagues you can bet on, the types of wagers you can make, stake limits, and if they have live betting and streaming options. You don’t want to end up at a site that only lets you make boring match winner bets on one league.
Bonuses – When you sign up at a sportsbook they will typically offer you a range of promotional bonuses. These deals include cash and free bets and are worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Before you find a sportsbook, always see what bonuses they offer and check how easy it is to claim them.
Payment methods – The best betting sites make it incredibly easy to deposit and withdraw your cash. Prior to registering, check that the sportsbook has a range of instant and free methods including credit and debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and cryptocurrency.
If you follow these tips you will easily be able to find a great sportsbook that will allow you to make winning table tennis wagers over and over again!

What Table Tennis Bet Should You Make?

Once you have found a reputable sportsbook you now need to decide what type of table tennis bet you are going to make and what league you are going to bet on! These are the most common table tennis wagers:
Match Winner – This is the most widespread way to gamble on table tennis as all you need to do is place money on your favorite team or player and if they win so do you! You can make match winner bets on all matches and easily gamble on leagues from around the world including Germany, China, and Russia.
Total Games – With a total games bet your job is to figure out how many games will occur in a match. The platform typically sets the line at 3.5 or 4. If you take the over bet and the match has 5 games you win. This is a wager that is highly predictable which is why many professionals enjoy making this wager.
Total Points – A total points wager is the exact same as a total games wager but you have to predict the number of points in a match and is also an over/under style gamble.

roland garrosHandicap – With it, the sportsbook will deduct either points or games from the athlete who is expected to win and then offers the same odds for both athletes. For example, you bet Player A who has a -1.5 game handicap and he only wins 3-2 then your wager loses.

Double Result – With this wager, you have to predict which athlete will win the first game and the game. You need to get both predictions correct for your bet to payout. This is a good way to increase your total payout compared to a standard match-winner wager. However, you need to reduce your standard stake size as this bet is riskier as you are essentially combining two wagers into one.
If you only make the above wagers you should see your win percentage jump through the roof and you will be walking away with some extra cash!

Tips For Making Winning Table Tennis Wagers!

Follow these tips to start winning your table tennis gambles:

  • Claim a bonus – An easy way to boost your winnings is by claiming sportsbook promos and bonuses. Remember to always unlock the biggest welcome bonus possible and look for sites that offer long-term deals to VIP players such as loss rebate programs and bonus cash.
  • Avoid exotic wagers – Many exotic table tennis wagers have no chance of winning and have super-high fees. If you want to become a consistent winner, stick to match winners, total games and points, and handicap wagers.
  • Gamble on reputable leagues – By only choosing major leagues you won’t have to worry about fixed matches or players not trying. We recommend betting on the top Chinese, Russian, German and French leagues as these games are legitimate and feature the best athletes.
  • Use statistics – You should analyze past matches to find ideas and evidence for your wagers. Statistics can be used to accurately predict the outcome of matches. The most effective statistics include head-to-head records, results of the last 5 matches, and the average number of points scored.

Follow these easy-to-implement tips and see your win percentage climb substantially.

Make Some Table Tennis Wagers

After reading our intro guide to the world of table tennis gambling you can now consider yourself an expert on the subject. It is time to take your newfound knowledge and put it into practice by wagering on the next table tennis match!