Peng Shuai was sexuzlly assaulted by a member of Communist Party.

A Chinese tennis star has accused a public functionary person of sexual assault in an attempt to quell the growing antisexual harrasment movement.

Peng Shuai, a well-known athlete, has been harassed by Zhang Gaoli, a former deputy premier and member of the Communist Party. In mlb.comof states that he raped her three years ago after a tennis match in Beijing.
The announcement was posted on Weibo, the main chinese social media platform, and deleted soon after. That’s why for now it’s impossible to find any posts already.

In response, being in a messy situation, Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for China’s foreign ministry, declined to answer questions on the issue at a press conference, rejecting what he heard about the situation and pointing out it is out of a diplomatic area.
On the contrary, the other tennis champions supported Peng, though there were ones who said she had no evidence to support her claims.
The anti harassment movement has shown all the support to the athlete, also because she is not the first person to suffer in China. Two years ago the scandal with a university professor involved took place on social media.
Lots of other scandals are known, like a well-known businessman was arrested in the US and accused of raping a 21-year-old student.

Source: Aljazeera

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It has been announced that the Kooyong Classic 2022 is cancelled

Due to foul play and agreements with tennis players, organizers were forced to cancel the Kooyong Classic 2022, says .
This is the second time in many years that the event has been canceled because of the pandemic, and the situation is now emerging from the final decision, so it affects players who are looking for some playing practice before the Australian Open Tennis Championships.
With no official data on the schedule of both players (despite of vaccination status) for the upcoming tournament, Koyong President Adam Kossar had no way to confirm a decision other than to cancel the event.

The statement said that all committee members are disappointed to have acted in this manner, but because of the enormously unstable circumstances over the past few months regarding events to be held, it was impossible to elaborate the steps to ensure the best and safest sports and hospitality for athletes, spectators, sponsors, broadcasters, participants and event staff.
The news was received critically by some players, who said that the athletes without vaccination should be allowed to attend the championship, for example, after a two-week quarantine.

As a result, the Minister of Sports and Major Events Martin Pacula said that the situation of inequality for unvaccinated and vaccinated participants was discussed, but nothing was predetermined.


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